Divya Chaya Trust

Divya Chaya Trust was established in the year 1984 with the prime objective of educating, supporting and rehabilitating underprivileged children and helping destitute women. Over the past three decades, this effort has touched the lives of several thousand children and women, and has grown into a strong movement with activities varying from sponsorship of children, running schools in the villages, care homes for children and senior citizens, self financing craft centers, vocational courses for destitute women, health care programs for communities.

Divya chaya Trust in its own way have brought about a significant change and touched thousands of lives. We believe that success cannot be achieved singly by anyone and we are indeed grateful to all the Trustees, members, colleagues, sponsors and volunteers who have extended support with their ideas, views and sponsorships which has made our Trust – the people’s trust.

Our vision is of a world where love & protection permits no evil & hatred to enter. All children will realize their full potential in societies which respect people’s rights and dignity. We design our activities to bring positive changes in the life of these children and their family. The Trust tries to reach out the people in need and help them to restore their hope for the future with education and rehabilitation process. We organize professional training programs that enable people to achieve self-respect as well as self-sufficiency. The projects set out by the Trust are all directed towards this end.

Future Plans:

Teen age is a very important stage of a child’s life. Trust is planning to reach out to the problem those teen children face. During this time these children go through different physical and mental changes which need to be addressed properly. This project will help the children to overcome their emotional challenges through regular mental counseling as well as career counseling. The children will be able to take decision about their future profession they would like to be in. Teen outreach project can be a platform of the teen children where they can share their dreams, their hopes and they can also voice their opinion.

The program will be conducted at ‘Karam Bhoomi’, situated in Rajarhat near Kolkata airport. In this program the children can take a break from the monotony of heavy schoolwork & rigid discipline. It would be a place for them, where they can share their dreams, have fun and interact with the localities. It would them a different dimension to share their issues which is untouched in their life. In these five nights, six days stay there will be counseling session each day to observe, evaluate and nurture their mental health. We hope to make this program a unique experience that all children will cherish. A Mental Health Professional from Canada Dr. Mitesh Patel (Psychiatrist) is also helping us and will be doing one research on the mental health of the children staying in Orphanages. He has already completed the Pilot Survey for his project.


To be the source of empowerment to the underprivileged by offering opportunities for higher education, vocational training, career counseling and ensuring holistic development.


Strengthening orphanages and children homes by sponsorship program
Running non-formal schools & kindergarten schools for the children in need
Supporting educational and vocational activities at rural schools
Imparting career counseling for the students of higher classes
Offering opportunities for higher education
Organizing residential adolescent counseling camps
Empowering women by Swyam Siddha program