Kusum Sarovar Prathmic Vidyalaya, Govardhan :

Govardhan school was established in 2000 and works for the development of the rural underprivileged people. The main aim of the school is to provide primary education to rural children residing in the nearby villages.

The elementary school, Kusum Sarovar Prathmic Vidyalaya in Govardhan, Mathura, run by Divya Chaya Trust has become a focal point for the families of the under privileged in Govardhan. The school now boasts an impressive number of over 200 students, including an additional 70 children being enrolled in the new session beginning on 1st July 2011. There are 10 staff members for the five classes, with Shri Ashwini Kumar heading as the Principal. The current student-teacher ratio is 20:1.

Ms Rita Narula is the convenor of this project.

The students were handed over their books and stationery like notebooks, pencils and erasers at the beginning of the session in July. In August the students were given new uniforms. Warm jerseys for the cold season were handed out in December.
The mid-day meal is served everyday at school and remains an important part of our contribution to the children under our care.
One of the main target of the school is to encourage girls to join school as there is generally neglected.
The school not only focuses teaching basic subjects like reading, writing and arithmetic but also lays equal stress on moral education, health education & cleanliness to develop their personal character.
The school has started providing Yoga training to teachers so that they can teach the same to the children too.
School also held Diya making class for children, and gives them the exposure to participate in various sports and competitions.
Another big stride the school made was to admit the children graduating from class 5 to a nearby high school to further their studies.
One of the other initiatives of the school is to provide Healthcare Education to local children.