The care centres Shahpur Jat :

The care centre at Shahpur Jat Village in New Delhi was started in May 2009, with an idea of adopting a backward urban village and through many initiatives and activities, tries to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and empower them.

Presently we are running 4 regular projects at Shahpur Jat:

One such activity is the Day Care facility, where teachers and helpers take care of up to 30 small children of working mothers from weaker economic section.
Another is coaching classes for school going underprivileged children from the locality for various subjects to better their academic performances.
In order to empower the young girls, two courses were started. The first is a basic computer course of six months. The other is a six months Beauty Care Course to give them the skill to augment their family income.
In addition to these activities, there is a periodic preventive health care checkups at the center like Medical Camps, Dental Care Camps & Ayurvedic Camps which are very popular with the local residents who turn out in a large number.

Thus, Shahpur Jat center has become an integral part of the lives if the local residents.


Address : 8 Middleton Street.
Kolkata - 700071.
Phone: +91 33 40062945