The care centres at Shahpur Jat Village:

The Care Center at Shahpur Jat Village in New Delhi was started in May 2009, with the idea of adopting a backward urban village and try to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and empower them through many initiatives and activities.

"The best gift to a child is the gift of education" We educate and support underpriveleged children and empower women in and around and urban village, Shahpur Jat. At the Day Care Center the children spend quality time with our teachers who pay special attention to teach the young ones hygiene and basic moral values. Children are provided nutritious midday snacks. The centre conducts coaching classes for English and other subjects to improve their studies. A basic computer course of six months is held for aspiring students. Under a Preventive Health Care Programme free check-ups are organized with the help of qualified doctors. Free vitamins are distributed to the under nourished children and women.

All the National festivals and other religious festivals are celebrated at the Care Center with the Members of DCT participating actively, the children are encouraged to speak about the significances of the occasion.