Sponsorship is a true one-to-one experience, offering the chance for the sponsor to change A young life for the better.

Sponsors who wish to do so may go and meet their' child in person.

'Save-a-Child' started by sponsoring just 5 children in 1985. Now, there are well over 450 cared for in 11 homes and mission stations in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi. The children may have been lost or abandoned, or orphaned, or may be the needy children of poor parents who cannot give even the minimum care that is needed.

To sponsor a child costs only Rs 750/- per month (Rs.9,000 per year) pays for everything the child needs: food, clothes, education, recreational and medical costs. Sponsors can be individuals or groups of people. The scheme has attracted a large number of sponsors from Great Britain. The aim is to offer every child some vocational training so that they may become self-sufficient adults. Some have progressed successfully into higher education and have gained professional qualifications.

Overall there are more girls than boys in sponsorship, as girls tend to be less favoured than boys and more likely to be neglected or abandoned if the family's income is inadequate. A number of blind, deaf, dumb and physically handicapped children are included in the sponsorship scheme.

In 1986 Louise Nicholson, a British journalist, formed Save-a-Child, UK to assist with the sponsorship of children. The scheme grew steadily and in the early nineties Save-a-Child became a Registered UK Charity. The UK link provided reliable funding for sponsorship enabling progressive enlargement.

You have an opportunity to be associatedwith Divya Chaya Trust through Sponsorship programme, One time donation for Karam Bhoomi, Palam Vihar v Donation for Corpus Fund.