Internship Project :

Each year, four management students from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai come to Kolkata to do their six weeks internship project. Through this project they want to contribute to the social sector as well as to learn from this sector which will enable them to be a good manager in future.

This year the project started from 5th March 2012, their agenda was "Career-counseling".

Since they knew that DCT sponsors Higher Education of underprivileged children, they decided to find out with their research that how focused they are with their career goal.

It was a great project where they interviewed the children one by one, as well as in groups and found the trend that normally these children are not much exposed to the various career options that are mushrooming these days.

The MBA students prepared PPTs for these children and presented it to them so that they get an exposure to those career options before choosing their career. Then they again did a post research interview to find out its effectiveness. It was found that the research made a lot of difference in these students. The MBA students have also created a group of volunteers from the renowned colleges of Kolkata who are much more exposed to new ideas and information, to go and interact with these children as buddies and share their knowledge with our sponsored kids.


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