Pallavan :

Pallavan is a project designed for the rural women. It means to bloom. It imparts vocational training to the women who are on the path to emancipation.

This projects develops their inborn skill – stitching by which they earn money. With the help of their earned money they contribute their families and their children. This income has brought changes and placed them in a better position in the society. To encourage their saving potentiality Trust opened their savings account and contributes a part in every month for their account.

This project is also a platform for them where they can share their experience, developing their skills and evolving their creativity. The women feel they are specialists in kantha work which cannot easily be done by anyone else and enjoy the feeling of being part of a group that sits together and works together. They feel empowered as their work is appreciated and paid for.

Not only Kantha, some workshops are also organized for them at times where they can get a chance to "actually bloom" their inner self and learn to do some other craft works, making pickles, jams etc. There are 19 ladies in the Pallavan Rajarhaat.


Address : 8 Middleton Street.
Kolkata - 700071.
Phone: +91 33 40062945